Language Education

Language Education

Language Policy

It is essential for Hong Kong students to maintain a high proficiency in English. Our school adopts a “School-wide English Teaching Strategy” in curriculum planning, including school-based teaching resources catered for students with different proficiency in English, small English classes, top-notch supplementary courses, and extended English learning activities for other subjects. More


All students can learn English well Knowing that each student is a unique individual and has a way in which he or she best learns the language, the English Department has strived to cater for learners’ diversity by putting students in different groups and providing them with the curriculums, methodologies, learning materials and assessment modes that best suit their needs. More


目標: 培養學生閱讀、寫作、聆聽、說話和思維等語文能力,提高學生學習本科的興趣,並使學生有繼續進修本科的自學能力。 藉著本科的教學,啟發學生的思想,培養學生的品德,增進學生對中國文化的認識,並加強學生對社會的責任感。 More