Physical and Art Education

Physical and Art Education

Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) focuses on the achievement of whole-person education through diversified sports activities. Demonstrating its importance, PE has become one of the “Eight Key Learning Areas” in Hong Kong’s primary and secondary school curricula. We value the positive impact of sport on the development of students. Along with running a diversified sports programme and identifying sports talents, we also help students develop a healthy lifestyle and capacity for life-long learning as they grow up to be responsible citizens to contribute to an active and healthy community. More


To promote music education and develop students’ musical potential, a number of different performance teams have been set up under our Music Department. These include a choir, a cappella ensemble, a hand chime team, a marching band, and a concert band. The Music Department also co-organises the off-campus learning activity “Duckling” with Home Economics, English, and History Departments. This learning experience is arranged to enhance students’ musical capability while providing different performance platforms to help develop their potential. More


The Visual Arts Department is committed to building a rich, creative atmosphere and a visually attractive environment for the school. We look to place artworks in every corner of the campus to integrate art across daily school life. A vast art mural spans across various areas of the school to bring the joy of arts to all who use the space. An art pavilion is also set up at the main entrance of the school, where students’ creative works are displayed. More